Cryptò.com NFT | Trade Crypto Anytime, Anywhere


    Cryptò.com NFT | Trade Crypto Anytime, Anywhere

    Cryptò.com NFT is a digital wallet that allows users to store and observe two cryptocurrency balances (bitcoin and Ethereum) on their Cryptò.com wallet. It offers a very easy-to-use website, app, and wallet that helps beginners start trading. With this wallet, users can easily send cryptocurrency to anyone, and they can create a link to receive crypto. Cryptò.com NFT takes a few minutes to complete the registration process for accessing all the features and services without taking any fee. On the Cryptò.com NFTdashboard, you will see a security centre feature, where users can see three ways to keep their Cryptò.com NFT account safe.

    Guide to Creating an Account on Cryptò.com  NFT:

    To start the account creation procedure on a Cryptò.com NFT online, you have to submit some information in the sign-up form and verify your account through the email request sent by the system. If you want to use your mobile wallet to start the procedure, then you can easily install the Cryptò.com app on your smartphone (Android and iOS) and start the process by following these steps:

    ● Open your trusted browser on your computer or laptop and visit the official website of Cryptò.com NFT.

    ● If you download the Cryptò.com NFT app, open it on your Android and iOS device.

    ● On the top-right corner, click the "Sign-Up" button or the "Get Started" button in the middle of the page.

    ● You can also click the "NFT" button and then tap the "Sign-Up Now" button.

    ● Now you will land on the create wallet page. The first step to opening an account on Cryptò.com NFT is "Creating a Wallet."

    ● Tap the "Create Wallet" button.

    ● Enter your "Email Address" in the field of the sign-up form and make sure that it is a working email and that you check it regularly.

    ● In the next field, create a password and enter it.

    ● To confirm your password, enter your password again.

    ● Pick your "Country " from the list.

    ● Read the terms and conditions of the Cryptò.com NFT wallet and check the "Terms Of Services & Privacy Policy" box.

    ● Click the "Create Wallet" button.

    ● Now, you will need to verify your email address. To do this, open the inbox of your email and click the "Yes, I Confirm This Is My Email Address" button. If you can't find the email, then check your spam folder.

    ● After validating the email address, you will get a success message on a new window. You have to go back to the original tab, where you start the sign-up procedure.

    Guide to Secure your Cryptò.com NFT Account:

    After completing the sign-up procedure, now you have to learn the methods that how you can secure your Cryptò.com NFT account. Follow the given steps to start the process:

    ● On the dashboard of the Cryptò.com NFT, click the "Security Center" tab.

    ● Click the "Backup Phrase" button.

    ● Enter the password that you created in the sign-up form and print the sheet.

    ● Click the "Submit" button.

    ● Now, you will see the first four words of your backup phrase. Write these words on the printed sheet or paper.

    ● Click the "Next 4 Words" to see other words of your backup phrase.

    ● It has a total of 12 words to note down. After writing all the words, tap the "Final Step" button.

    ● After this, enter any four recovery phrase words to complete the task.

    ● Click the "Finish" button.

    ● In the next step, you have to link a mobile number to your Cryptò.com NFT account and enable the 2FA. To do this, click the "Link Mobile Number" button and enter your "Mobile Number."

    ● Click the "Enable Two-Step" option and choose the "Mobile" option.

    ● Enter the "Code" that you receive on your phone.

    ● After the backup phrase and mobile linking procedure, you now have to block suspect IDs. Just click the "Block" button to enable blocking bad IPs on the Cryptò.com NFT wallet.

    How to withdraw EUR (SEPA) on Cryptò.com NFT?

    ● Open the Cryptò.com NFT wallet website or app on your device and log in to your account.

    ● Go to your "Total Account Value" window and select the "Withdraw" option.

    ● Choose the "EUR" currency in the drop-down menu.

    ● Select the linked bank account that you want to withdraw to in the tab of "Destination EUR Address.

    ● If you don't have a linked bank account, then first, you have to make a small deposit from the bank.

    ● Enter the "Amount" and the "2FA Code".

    ● Lastly, click the "Withdraw" button to complete the process.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can I verify my Cryptò.com NFT account on the web and iOS?

    ● On the web:

    ● Open the Cryptò.com NFT website and NFT into your account.

    ● Tap the "settings" icon and select "Profile."

    ● Select the "Limits & Fees" option.

    ● Click the "Apply Now" button in the verified column and follow the prompts.

    ● On iOS:

    ● NFT to your Cryptò.com account.

    ● Click the "Account" tab and select the "limits & fees" option.

    ● Lastly, click the "Get Verified" button.

    What are the features available on Cryptò.com NFT?

    ● It offers a security centre feature to secure each Bitcoin exchange in their Cryptò.com wallet.

    ● It can be controlled from any device at any place and at any time.

    ● The interface of the Cryptò.com NFT wallet is easy-to-use.

    ● It gains conversion rates of 20 different types of currencies.

    How can I recover my Cryptò.com exchange password?

    ● Visit the Cryptò.com NFT page and click the "Login" button.

    ● Click the "Need Some Help?" option.

    ● Tap the "Forgot Your Password?" option.

    ● Enter your email in the respective box.

    ● Click the "Request Password Reset" button.

    ● Now, you will receive a link to reset your password.

    ● Click the link and choose your password and enter it twice.